Are knock-off perfumes just as good as designer perfumes?


Today I wanted to touch on the subject of how good are replica fragrances. We get asked this question many times by our clients and the following is my response.

It all depends where you buy it. I will admit there are very low-end replicas and these smell terrible! Many of these you can find at your local “dollar” store. On the other hand there are replicas that are high-end. That is where we come in: Luxury Aromas. As a manufacturer of designer type fragrances I can say our perfumes and colognes are very close to the originals both in scent and strength. We take every precaution to ensure quality of our fragrances. With so many satisfied customer nationwide we are confident in our products. In all honesty, people want to smell good and for whatever reason purchasing a designer fragrance may not be a priority but smelling good always is.

Who wants to pay $50 or more for a fragrance? Not many. I see it everyday. Replica perfumes and colognes are sought out and there is nothing wrong with that. Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to buy their favorite fragrance for under $20? I love a good deal and so do many people. Our fragrances are created with high-quality ingredients. Even the type of alcohol we use is specially formulated for perfumes. It is a matter of perception. If you think they are bad no matter what I write you won’t change your mind, the only way for someone to know for sure is to try.

Luxury Aromas manufacturer of premium fragrances

In my opinion the only thing you are paying for is the name. I wear the perfumes we make and I get many compliments. My absolute favorite is Sunset Heat, for me it is the perfect scent. For men, I am in love with Dirty English. Every time my “hunny” wears it my nose just wants to smell him all day. Since he is probably tired of me asking him, “Let me smell you,” I will often just sneak up and take a nice deep breath. Of course what I like others may not, but that is okay and that is the beautiful thing about being individuals.

In short, we give these to our family! I wouldn’t dare give them as gifts if our products weren’t good. We feel everyone deserves to feel good and satisfying the olfactory sense is a good way to uplift your day. It is the scent people want, if you don’t tell then chances are people won’t know that the fragrance you are wearing is a replica.

If you are like us in that you love to smell good and save money don’t discard the idea of buying a replica. Be careful we you buy it from though. Luxury Aromas offers 1 oz fragrance so that you may try out for only $7 (Free Shipping on orders over $20).

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