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Designer Type Perfume & Cologne – Replica Brand Name Fragrances for Men & Women

Why pay $50 or even $100 or more for Designer perfume and cologne? We have over 1,000 scents to choose from that are identical to the overpriced fragrances you can buy in a department store. The only difference id the Price! $15 with FREE SHIPPING on every order. We guarantee the highest quality, largest selection and longest lasting fragrance. CLICK HERE to Visit us and see where everyone is really buying their perfume and cologne.

Are knock-off perfumes just as good as designer perfumes?


Today I wanted to touch on the subject of how good are replica fragrances. We get asked this question many times by our clients and the following is my response.

It all depends where you buy it. I will admit there are very low-end replicas and these smell terrible! Many of these you can find at your local “dollar” store. On the other hand there are replicas that are high-end. That is where we come in: Luxury Aromas. As a manufacturer of designer type fragrances I can say our perfumes and colognes are very close to the originals both in scent and strength. We take every precaution to ensure quality of our fragrances. With so many satisfied customer nationwide we are confident in our products. In all honesty, people want to smell good and for whatever reason purchasing a designer fragrance may not be a priority but smelling good always is.

Who wants to pay $50 or more for a fragrance? Not many. I see it everyday. Replica perfumes and colognes are sought out and there is nothing wrong with that. Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to buy their favorite fragrance for under $20? I love a good deal and so do many people. Our fragrances are created with high-quality ingredients. Even the type of alcohol we use is specially formulated for perfumes. It is a matter of perception. If you think they are bad no matter what I write you won’t change your mind, the only way for someone to know for sure is to try.

Luxury Aromas manufacturer of premium fragrances

In my opinion the only thing you are paying for is the name. I wear the perfumes we make and I get many compliments. My absolute favorite is Sunset Heat, for me it is the perfect scent. For men, I am in love with Dirty English. Every time my “hunny” wears it my nose just wants to smell him all day. Since he is probably tired of me asking him, “Let me smell you,” I will often just sneak up and take a nice deep breath. Of course what I like others may not, but that is okay and that is the beautiful thing about being individuals.

In short, we give these to our family! I wouldn’t dare give them as gifts if our products weren’t good. We feel everyone deserves to feel good and satisfying the olfactory sense is a good way to uplift your day. It is the scent people want, if you don’t tell then chances are people won’t know that the fragrance you are wearing is a replica.

If you are like us in that you love to smell good and save money don’t discard the idea of buying a replica. Be careful we you buy it from though. Luxury Aromas offers 1 oz fragrance so that you may try out for only $7 (Free Shipping on orders over $20).

Luxury Aromas,

“Smell Great for Less!”

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Facelift to our Premium Fragrances!

Luxury Aromas Premium Cologne only $15 (replica, rendition, fake)

Luxury Aromas Premium Perfume only $15 (replica, rendition, fake)










We are excited to let you know that we gave our premium fragrances a facelift. We have new labels and new packaging. Don’t worry our price hasn’t increased, our premium fragrances are only $15.

Our premium fragrances also come in 1 oz and 2 oz.

Luxury Aromas Premium Cologne or Perfume starting at $7 (replica, rendition, fake)

Come visit us at www.LuxuryAromas.com for an amazing selection of replica fragrances.


Luxury Aromas Team

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Luxury Aromas New Wbsite Look!

Luxury Aromas - New Look!

Be sure to check out our website’s new look! We made it much simpler and seamless to buy your favorite fragrances. Our Premium perfumes and colognes are only $15, we have over 1,000 to choose from! We are constantly adding new fragrances, if you can’t find the one you love e-mail us.

Thank you for being our valued customers!

Mention “New Look” and you will receive a FREE GIFT with your purchase =).


Luxury Aromas

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Our Newest Video! Perfume & Cologne Renditions – Quality Fragrances For Less

Pure Uncut Body Oils – Only at Luxury Aromas

Our body oils are high grade quality oils. These are great for incense, oil burners, diffusers, candles, lotions, shampoos, shower gels, bath salts and more. We also have these oils in 4 oz perfume/cologne for only $15 with Free Shipping as always!

We have 1 oz, 2 oz and 4 oz available. Get your favorite fragrance today!


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Private label available for wholesale and retail!

We are proud to announce that we are offering private labeling for our Retail & Wholesale clients.


Make it personal. Call the scent you love yours!

Retail: Let’s say you like Estee Lauder’s Pleasures and you would like to give that scent your own name, we say “Go For It!” We can print whichever image you choose along with a name of your choice.


Become more recognized. Attract new customers. Increase revenue!

Wholesale: Want to have a fragrance with your brand? We can make one from scratch or you can choose a type of scent and re-name it. We’ll work with you. Need a logo? We can do that too, or if you have your own we’ll use that. Sample spray vials are also available if you would like to provide your customers with a sample. Private labeling is absolutely no problem! Come visit us or call us for more information.

Label Information:

size (h” x w”): 2″ x 3″ for Round bottles and 3″ X 2″ for square bottles. Please contact us for more information and/or to place your order.

type: Clear (see-through, transparent, crystal clear). Our labels are not opaque, they are truly clear.

color: Full-Color! Make your label as simple or complex as you wish. We’ll do the rest!

Our fragrances are of the highest quality out there in replica scents. We stand by our products 100%. Our client base includes National and International satisfied customers. Every fragrance that we make is made by caring and knowledgeable individuals. Come meet us!


Luxury Aromas

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Premium Fragrances now in 1 oz. and 2 oz. sizes – Just $7 or $10 with Free Shipping

Luxury Aromas now offers a travel sized version of our Premium perfume, cologne and unisex fragrances. Choose from over 1,000 different scents! Of course we still have our 4 oz. size available. Our Premium fragrances are high quality replicas of your favorite designer scents, with many satisfied customers across the Unites States and worldwide.

Premium Replica Fragrances

Premium Travel Size Fragrances



(213) 394-5377 | 2601 N. Del Raosa Ave. San Bernardino CA. 92404

Luxury Aromas Team

Best Replica Perfumes, Don’t pay $50+ for one bottle…Pay $15 ONLY (Free Shipping)

Yup, you did read it right…

And nope, we are not crazy. It is true. Get your favorite fragrance for only $15. Oh, and there is No shipping charge for orders within the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska).

Why not charge more?

Because our goal is for you to “Smell Great for Less!” Besides, no one will know. How can they? With perfumes, you don’t wear the bottle or the name tag. And no, you are not being “cheap” you are being smart. My family and I don’t wear original perfumes anymore, I have a very nice collection of our renditions.  You will never catch me at the perfume department, unless I’m doing research. Another reason is because we want you to be happy, spend a little and come back for more! Our scents are very close to the originals. I say “very close” because many factors can affect the scent:

How long has it being sitting on the shelf? -We make ours when you order it, so we may need up to 7 business days before shipping your order; therefore, the scent may need up to 6 weeks to combine well. Don’t be disappointed, give it time.

Ingredient quality – We use high-quality essential oils. (Can’t say the same for other companies selling imitation perfumes and colognes).

Storage and Care – We highly recommend you keep your fragrance in a cool and dark place. Exposure to sunlight diminishes the quality of the ingredients.

Fragrance Strength (EDP, EDT, etc) – Our replica fragrances are all made in EDP strength, which can also smell slightly different if the one you have smelled before was an EDT. (Eau de Toilette is not as concentrated as Eau de Parfum).

Browse our store.

We have the ability to re-create over 1,000 fragrances. Please go to: www.LuxuryAromas.com/Special-Order (there is  drop down menu) or www.LuxuryAromas.com/Scents.php to see which ones we have available . If you don’t see the one you like, don’t be discouraged, with so many to list we may forget one or we have just gained access to it. If you didn’t find it send a request at: www.LuxuryAromas.com/Request.php

Still have doubts?

It’s okay, we understand. That is why we are available every day from 9am until 7pm (PST) and almost 24/7 via e-mail. Don’t be shy, call us or e-mail us with your questions, comments or concerns. We love building rapport with our valued clients.

We are in Southern California

If you live in the area, come on in! We have a retail location in the city of San Bernardino.

2601 N. Del Rosa Ave. #104 ♦ San Bernardino, CA 92404

Your Reward!

If you stuck around through this long blog post, we’d like you to have this coupon:

SAVE10 (you will get 10% off your order over $50!)

Thank you,

Luxury Aromas

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Replica Perfumes, Colognes, Body Oils, Gift Sets! Products starting at just $3!

Luxury Aromas


We are located in San Bernardino, CA for all of those who are in the area, come visit us at: 2601 N. Del Rosa Ave. #104, San Bernardino 92404 (1 block South of 210 fwy off Del Rosa exit) Local Phone is: 909-881-4130 or our business mobile: 213-394-5377

If you are not, don’t worry we offer Free Shipping on all of our products. No surprises! Well maybe a free gift (click on the “discount” link for more info), but you have to ask for it when you buy 2 or more from our website: www.LuxuryAromas.com/Store.

Don’t delay, now you can smell great without breaking the bank! If you smell good, you feel good, which in turn boosts your self-esteem. And what happens when our self-esteem is high? We have a positive attitude and thus charge ourselves with positive energy =).

Give us an opportunity to serve you and for you to join our many satisfied customers worldwide!

If you have any questions, please call us at 213-394-LESS (5377). We are more than happy to put your doubts at ease, answer your questions, take into serious consideration your comments and suggestions, but most of all talking with you is the best connection we can have.

Luxury Aromas Team